In preparation for University, Ms. Urmson was educated in the tradition of the European “classical humanistic education”, which included classic and modern languages, sciences, music, history and literature. She envisioned a career in high scholarship. At the prestigious Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität in Munich her studied included the art-histories of Europe as well as Greek and Roman antiquity. At the Sorbonne in Paris, the university of Vienna and as a researcher in London, she studied under several of the world’s most renowned professors and experts. Ms. Urmson also undertook docent work as an official guide at Munich’s famous “Pinakothek” painting collection, and worked as an Experience Enhancement Lecturer” on art-historical tours to Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco and Turkey. Recently, she has written catalogue text for two prominent artists and represented their work in Abu Dhabi.

Urmson set aside her activities in Munich for marriage and pursued further studies in the United States at the University of California, Berkeley. Her credentials include two graduate degrees (M.A. in Art -History and a Master’s in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design).  

Her family includes three adult children, one mentally handicapped. She decided to offer more than scholarship to the world. She promoted a music program for the disabled and served on Jerry Brown’s Oakland Commission for People with Disabilities. Ms. Urmson produced and directed a documentary film for German ZDF television network, and as Artistic Director, helped develop a large, successful film festival, with venues in San Francisco and Hollywood, showcasing the work of women film directors from the world over. Ms. Urmson also wrote an historical novel, published in 2003, and has submitted a second for publication.

Urmson resumed occasionally lecturing at Berkeley, and has been teaching regularly in art-history since 2004 at the U.C. Berkeley Extension and other venues and gives singular lectures in art-history.

Ms. Urmson divides her schedule between Oakland and her home in Tuscany, with stays in Berlin. She holds Classical Music Salons in both her homes and supports Opera Barga. Her passions include classical voice performance and gardening, and she she earned a PHD in the field of post WW II American/German cultural history at her first alma mater, the Ludwig Maximilian University in München that will be edited into a book.

She is a VIP member of the National Association of Professional Women